Saturday, December 30, 2006

First month on Novolog

Well, my first month on Novolog has been interesting. I am using the Flexpen, which is very convenient. Counting carbs has become much more important now (not that it wasn't before). At first, I had a few times where I used not enough insulin, and my numbers went up a lot, and other times where I used too much, to find that my blood sugar was at 53 an hour after eating. Eating at home with known, more predictable meals works fairly well now. In restaurants, I am challenged to nail down the carb count, especially when the food includes some fun ethnic sauce. The other phenomenon I have noticed is that the timing of the Novolog is not always perfect. Sometimes my blood sugar rises 2-3 hours after eating, just when I think the post-prandial peak has passed. Part of that could be related to my Lantus dose. In other words, the bolus dose "covered " me for a few hours, and then as it wore off, the insufficiency of my basal coverage re-emerged. Still determining if that's the case. The diabetic diner is open to suggestions from any of you out there, on any of this.... Until then, I am preparing to post another fun restaurant review!


OpenID Khürt said...

I love the Flexpens. I use Novolog and Levemir Flexpens and I can not envision taking insulin any other way.

2:00 PM  

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